The Rain Studies

Prints-on-blueWhy did I ever not want to create limited edition prints of my work?

Honestly, I cannot remember. I think it was looked down upon, but now it is cool. So when I got the opportunity to create my own edition of prints from my original watercolors, I was thrilled.

The process was challenging. First there is the obvious struggle of creating the original paintings, which took many tries for me to get what I wanted. And the process of editing the scans of the work to the point where they looked like the original was painstaking and intense- I got many headaches from staring at my computer screen as I edited out imperfections pixel by pixel! The whole process really stretched me as an artist, forcing me to leave my comfort zone of painting and delve into the world of digital art.

Here they are: The Rain Studies. Vibrant watercolors were allowed to pool and coalesce into striking organic forms, showcasing the unpredictability and inherent beauty of water.  The original paintings were created with watercolor and water-soluble graphite on Arches Cold Press Paper; the archival prints were completed at The Lightroom in Berkeley, CA. A series of three prints, in a limited edition of 10 each. Available now through Serena & Lily’s Art Collection.

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