Color Play: Color, Emotion, Possibility

installshot-karen-julia-eliseI just returned from the opening reception of the show I co-curated with my good friend, the artist Ellen Levine Dodd, at the Village Theatre Art Gallery in Danville, CA. The exhibition features five abstract artists exploring color and emotion in their work, and includes paintings by Elise Morris, Ellen Levine Dodd, Karen Olsen-Dunn, Sharon Paster, and me.

Reflecting on the show, now that it is up and on the wall, I feel very, very proud. It is a stunning show of colorful, beautiful, exciting work. Visitors at the opening reception responded very positively. Putting this show together was a years-long effort, that did not really get off the ground until I decided to curate a show about something I am very interested in, color theory. Having Ellen as a partner made a huge difference, as she was inspired by the concept immediately, as it reflects the colorful explorations of her own vibrant work. She has a great eye, and together I feel we chose strong paintings to include. Marija Nelson-Bleier, the director of the gallery, hung the work beautifully, creating relationships and stories throughout the space that drew people to the work.

For so long I have felt like “just a housewife” and stay-at-home mom, but in planning this show and making it happen with other incredibly talented women, I feel like I have accomplished something special. I know now that had I not lived in California for so long, I would not have pursued this idea with such dedication. Being in the San Francisco Bay Area showed me that I could make my own opportunities, and be bold about it. Artists need to do this; we cannot constantly be looking to others to “notice” us.

I have big plans for 2017. I want to continue to show my work and am curating a show next month at Room & Board in Denver, and I am proposing on shows elsewhere as well. I am also looking into ways to help other artists create their own opportunities, as well as to bring the visual arts and the general public together outside of the museum world.

I’ll keep you posted.

Color Play is up through April 15, 2017 at the Village Theatre Art Gallery , located at 233 Front St in Danville, CA. For more information or to visit, click here.

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