artboss: a workshop for creative entrepreneurs 

In 2009 I shifted from my academic teaching career to working as a full-time artist. What I did not realize when I did this was that I was embarking on a journey as a creative entrepreneur. It has been quite the road I have walked; I made a lot of mistakes, but I succeeded a lot too. Over almost a decade of my life as a full-time working artist, I have learned a few things about running my business.

Photo Jan 03, 8 06 03 PM (2)About a year ago, I connected with a fellow creative entrepreneur: artist, designer and marketing specialist Jessica Loving-Campos. It was instant friendship. We have a shared love of geeking out on business and art. We are both abstract painters. We both have unruly toddlers.

And we both had noticed that the small business, social media and marketing workshops out there were not tailored to the unique needs of creative businesses. We noticed a lot of our fellow creatives were struggling with their businesses. We set out to change that, and created artboss.

Our vision:

Artboss is about empowering yourself as a creative entrepreneur, and getting out of the “hobby” mindset.

Artboss is about trusting your instincts when it comes to your business, and finding opportunities that work for you.

Artboss is about tailoring the tools at your disposal, be they social media, web design, or good old-fashioned snail mail, to build your business.

Artboss is about communicating your unique vision clearly, succinctly, compellingly.

Artboss is about community and connection: networking, partnering with other creatives, building relationships within your industry, engaging with your clients.

Artboss is about living your passion unapologetically.

If you are a creative entrepreneur- an artist, designer, writer, architect, dancer or any kind of maker or creator- join us! We are hosting a one-day intensive workshop on April 21, 2018 at Studio SMLK in Denver. Click here to learn more. Registration opens on February 1st! We hope to see you there!

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